Hey LOST “Fans”- Chill Out

1 Apr

I knew this would happen. It always does. Happened with Battlestar, now it’s happening with LOST. I suppose it’s bound to happen to any TV series with this level of hype, fandom and one with so many mysteries. Some people will not have their expectations met. Some people will be disappointed. And some of these disappointed people will get angry. I’m here to tell you to chill out.

I’d been noticing some grumblings among self-described “fans” of LOST, both on and off the interwebs, but it was this article that finally pushed me over the edge. It wasn’t so much that the author was displeased with how the show’s final season was turning out, but rather the particulars of what was bothering her. While the vast majority of fans loved “Ab Aeterno,” I know some did not, and that’s okay. But calling the reveal of the Island’s true nature “the retcon to end all retcons” is not only stupid, it’s insulting. If that’s really what you believe, then I can’t see how you were ever a fan of the show, because it doesn’t seem like you’ve been paying much attention to the subtext. The writer claimed that simplifying the story down to an epic clash between good and evil is demeaning to the series, and undermines all the mystery that has been built up over the past six years. Basically, she’s saying that she never noticed any “good vs. evil” themes on the show before, and that adding it now makes a very grey world seem entirely black and white. Apparently it’s real easy to be a writer at NY Mag because their resident LOST scribe has no clue what she’s talking about.

If you don’t like the way the plot is unfolding or if some of the mythological reveals are not what you were expecting, fine- to each his own. I can’t blame you for having your own unique taste. But getting all uppity and angry and acting like LOST has somehow betrayed you by creating a mythos that’s not akin to what you’ve formulated yourself, is obnoxious and immature. The specifics may not be what you were hoping for, but the characters and dialogue are still the same and episodes like “Ab Aeterno” are great when removed from the mythos because they’re just such good, character-driven stories.

Back to Miss NY Mag- I don’t think the wine bottle metaphor dumbs down the show at all. While it does seem pretty obvious at this stage that the Man in Black is actually evil incarnate, Jacob is no saint either, and I’d stray away from calling the conflict black and white. Consider some ideas with me. Richard told Sawyer that MIB plans to kill everyone once he leaves the Island, but I’m now wondering if Richard meant that literally. The way the characters have been talking about this concept as of late makes it seem more like MIB would just infect everyone with his darkness, like we’ve seen with the French team, Claire and Sayid (“I can’t feel anything”). Perhaps MIB isn’t literally planning on killing everyone, and genuinely wants to bring the people in his group to freedom. However, his evil soul is just so caustic, that merely stepping onto a mainland continent would cause it to spread, and eventually the world would tear itself apart.

I think there’s parts of the metaphor that are confusing, and that is perhaps why some are displeased with it, but this is LOST and I’m sure we’ll get more illumination in the future. For instance, Jacob says the Island traps all the evil darkness and prevents it from spreading to the outside world, but he’d be a fool to think that there isn’t evil already being done by individuals outside of the Island on their own accord. It’s not like Jacob represents all the good in the world and MIB all the evil, rather MIB has what you could call a disease, one that is highly contagious and seems to have no cure other than death. I want to believe that he was once a man, and that he did have a crazy mom, and that he once might have been an okay guy, but something happened to him, and now he’s got this darkness inside of him that must be stopped. I don’t think the show is trying to say that were MIB to be killed, all the evil in the world would just cease to be. But letting him off the Island would be disastrous. He’s simply more evil than anything else ever, eviler than Hitler and Osama Bin Laden combined.

So, chill out, guys. We’ve still got eight hours of LOST left and Desmond’s back for frak’s sake! And you have to realize, there’s simply no way you’ll all be satisfied. Hell, I might not even be satisfied. But even if the show doesn’t turn out quite how I’m expecting, I highly doubt I’ll hate it outright. You shouldn’t either. It’s one of the best television programs of all time, maybe the best, and is certainly a multi-faceted and engrossing work of art that has inspired millions. To write it off just because its plot twists don’t meet your weird and outlandish theories is obnoxious beyond belief. Just give it a chance, and stop whining. Because remember- it’s just a TV show.

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