Cinematic Game Trailers- Beautifully Rendered Deception

6 Jun

If you follow videogame news, even with a mild passing interest, then you’ve probably heard of Dead Island. Announced back in 2008, this “zombies on a tropical island” adventure was thought to be dead and buried until an incredible, emotionally wrenching teaser trailer was released a few months ago. It showed a family being attacked by zombies in reverse, set to a poignant piano piece. It made the game look amazing.

Then actual previews and reports starting coming in and it was immediately apparent that the trailer did not reflect the actual game in the slightest. This, like so many things, bothers me. Obviously marketing is by definition deceptive. But there’s a difference between hyping your game by having Kobe Bryant blowing shit up, and making a trailer that doesn’t capture the spirit of your game at all. Read my whole take on this issue at Games Abyss. Expect a lot of articles, both from me and the rest of the GA team as this week E3 is happening, and we’ll be flooded with juicy gaming news.

You can read my article here.

Plus, I’ve embedded the aforementioned trailer below.

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