Falling Skies Keeps Getting Better- Recap

18 Jul

He's got the whole world... in his hand...

Falling Skies has had its fair share of ups and downs over the course of its first six episodes, but it’s clearly getting better and I feel I may have become too hypercritical as of late- too curmudgeonly. So head over to Culturemob to read my latest recap, which is much more upbeat and enthusiastic than the last two. The first installment of two-parter “Sanctuary” was great and the show is definitely doing some new things with your classic alien invasion mythology. And if you ignore the reused Velociraptor sounds from Jurassic Park, the production values are almost on par with a big budget summer blockbuster.

And c’mon- do you see that photo? That’s an alien crushing a globe with its claw. BAD-ASS.

You can read the recap here.

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