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Pirates? Meh. The Tarnished Legacy of Assassin’s Creed, Pt. 2

22 Mar

Despite my many complaints, overall Assassin’s Creed III wasn’t a bad game. It lacked some polish but you could tell effort had been put into it. The world just wasn’t as engrossing as it once was… which would have been forgivable if the story hadn’t been so horrendous. Where do I begin? For starters Connor [...]

Pirates? Meh. The Tarnished Legacy of Assassin’s Creed, Pt. 1

21 Mar

Despite the fact that Ubisoft had declared last October’s Assassin’s Creed III to be the last annual entry in the franchise, it was announced recently that a new game would be hitting shelves this fall, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The game has generated a lot of buzz due to its pirate setting… and a [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 13

24 Aug

The Lone Gunmen The Lone Gunmen are amongst my favorite characters from The X-Files, and I had fond memories of their spinoff series, which I caught a bit of during its run in the year 2001. My taste must have been much less refined at age fourteen, because the series does not hold up to [...]

Watching Fine Art Die Before My Very Eyes

5 Jun

Yesterday I went to visit a friend at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea. Since freshman year I have been a fan of art openings, where plebeians like me can waltz in with the rich and famous, mooch off boxed wine and hors d’oeuvres and see both the best the art scene has to offer, and [...]

Make It Stop- The Event Recap

5 Apr

At this point, I’ve pretty much become the laughing stock of my film school friends and girlfriend for continuing to watch The Event. I know it’s bad, I know I’m wasting time watching it but for whatever reason I just can’t stop. It’s kind of like the second season of Heroes, which was like watching [...]

Ridiculous Moments in Gaming- Every Second of Dante’s Inferno

26 Jul

Dante’s Inferno, a videogame adaptation of the epic Italian poem, is a totally ridiculous game, and not a very good one at that. It’s a shallow God of War clone and the only reason I got it was because it was on sale at Gamestop and since I don’t own a PS3 it seemed like [...]

Much Ado About Nothing- M.I.A.’s /\/\ /\ Y /\

21 Jul

Last month, Colin Moloy, lead singer for The Decembrists, was quoted as calling “M.I.A., the Glenn Beck of the left.” Although that may seem silly, it’s a statement that speaks volumes. While M.I.A. might not quite be on the same level of batshit craziness as Beck, she certainly represents the same sort of political figure [...]

Ridiculous Moments in Gaming- Call of Duty 4

6 Jun

A frustrating gaming experience I encountered over the weekend has encouraged me to start a new blog series, where I examine what I call “Ridiculous Moments in Gaming”- a broad term that encapsulates everything from overly difficult stages, inappropriateness, inane story points, or moments that are just so over the top that they’re awesome. Today [...]

MGMT’s New Album is Godawful

23 Mar

Yesterday, while I was busy working on this website, I listened to MGMT’s new album Congratulations, which they had decided to stream for free from their website after it got leaked on the internet. This isn’t so much a review as a snap judgment- I only listened to the album once and I don’t plan [...]