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Best Videogames of 2014, Part 2

7 Jan

6. Assassin’s Creed: Unity REDACTED This game was boring and annoying. I take back everything I said about it.

How to Destroy Angels Makes Me Feel Like an Old Man

12 Apr

This Wednesday, at the beautiful Fox Theater in Pomona, I stood beside a thick-necked dudebro while we waited for the lights to dim and How to Destroy Angels to take the stage. He spoke of how awesome it was to listen to Nine Inch Nails at the gym and didn’t seem to realize that “Dead [...]

The Lost World- Not Quite as Perfect of a Movie, Part 2

13 Sep

So the main problem with this film is that though some of the characters are interesting, none are relatable enough for the audience to latch onto. There’s no emotional center like there was in the first film, so it’s just a lot of pretty dinosaur shots with no substance. Malcolm is this confused non-entity who [...]

The Lost World- Not Quite as Perfect of a Movie, Part 1

12 Sep

So, continuing my renewed obsession in Jurassic Park, spurred on by the stupid Jurassic Park Builder iOS game I keep playing, last night I watched the sequel to Steven Spielberg’s 1993 action adventure masterpiece, released four years later in 1997. This time focusing on the sister island of Isla Sorna and an isolated ecosystem of [...]

Jurassic Park Is a Near-Perfect Movie

31 Aug

Alright- I know I said I wouldn’t write about pop culture anymore, but… well, I lied. What I meant is I wouldn’t try to pretend like I’m the poor man’s IGN or AV Club or something. But I feel like it’s appropriate to write about pop culture when discussing how if affects my life and [...]

Alien vs. Predator Marathon, Part 1

17 May

Fuck yeah, baby!! IT’S ON!! I know what you’re thinking. Well, maybe. If you’ve never been here before you’re probably thinking “Who the fuck is this Alex Hilhorst kid?” If you’re one of my friends or stumbled upon this site while Googling the phrase “Mass Effect 2 Best Game Ever,” you’re probably wondering “What about [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 13

24 Aug

The Lone Gunmen The Lone Gunmen are amongst my favorite characters from The X-Files, and I had fond memories of their spinoff series, which I caught a bit of during its run in the year 2001. My taste must have been much less refined at age fourteen, because the series does not hold up to [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 11

15 May

The X-Files- Season 7 By the start of its seventh season, The X-Files had produced over a hundred episodes, a movie, and a spin-off series called Millennium. By all rights, it was time to bring this epic and often convoluted story of alien colonization to a close. In a perfect world, both FOX and Chris [...]

Reasons to Return to OddWorld

3 May

Perhaps you’ve never heard of it, but the Oddworld videogame series is one of the finest the medium has to offer, and holds a special place in my heart. I based an entire epic story I wrote and drew as a kid on the mythology of the first two games, Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exxodus [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 9

7 Mar

The X-Files- Season 6 SPOILER ALERT The sixth season of The X-Files picks up right where the movie left off, with Mulder and Scully presenting their findings to a group of directors at the FBI, a very elegant way to recap what happened in Fight the Future. Season premiere “The Beginning” is extra cool because [...]