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Anti-Trump Rantings, Part 1

15 Nov

Two days ago, while smoking in the alley behind my apartment, I collapsed onto the broken remains of an old bench, broke down, and wept into my hands. I had gone out to cool my nerves after getting into an ill-advised and heated Facebook argument. I had made the assertion that there was no middle, [...]

To Troll or Not to Troll?

28 Mar

A few days ago I wrote of Evangelical Ben, a former coworker who I have been arguing with on Facebook for some time. At the behest of my fiancee, and using my own good judgement, I decided to block him- not to avoid any harassment from his end, but rather to stop myself from reading [...]

In The Game of Gay Marriage, You Win or You Are Fabulous, There is No Middle Ground

26 Mar

Back when I was a slave for worked for Sleepy Giant Entertainment, there was this guy named Ben. He left for another QA job at the now-bankrupt and nonexistent THQ shortly after I started working at SGE back in the fall of 2011. I knew very little about him, and what I did know came [...]

Why I’m Overjoyed That Osama Bin Laden is Dead

3 May

Back in high school I had a friend named Tim who was great at arguing. Being “good” at arguing doesn’t sound possible, as most arguments are matters of opinion and the two sides aren’t generally interested in reaching any kind of consensus: they simply want to convince their opponent that their viewpoint is the correct [...]

England Doesn’t Make Any Sense

30 Aug

They drive on the left side of the road. But they don’t use kilometers like the rest of Europe. They use miles, feet and inches. But they don’t use Fahrenheit. They use Celsius. Apparently they use pounds and ounces, but since “pound” is also the name of their currency, they’re apparently starting to use kilograms [...]

The Sorry State of the US Job Market, Part 2

12 Mar

During my senior year at Tisch, I attended Senior Colloquium because I was growing concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find paid work once I graduated (how prescient!), and the course description sounded like it would help me do just that. Turned out that just like most of NYU’s career counseling services, Senior Colloquium [...]