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Watching Fine Art Die Before My Very Eyes

5 Jun

Yesterday I went to visit a friend at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea. Since freshman year I have been a fan of art openings, where plebeians like me can waltz in with the rich and famous, mooch off boxed wine and hors d’oeuvres and see both the best the art scene has to offer, and [...]

LOST: One Year Later, the Ending Still Sucks

25 May

For a while, LOST was a guilty pleasure. The girl I had a crush on in high school was equally obsessed with the show, but when I arrived at NYU most of my friends and roommates were of the “I don’t watch TV” variety, not because they’re the kind of dicks who think TV is [...]

On Screenwriting

9 Jul

I’ve read probably hundreds of scripts, for TV pilots & episodes, feature films, stage plays- you name it, I’ve read it. This is in thanks, in part, to my two internships at development houses, but I have also read many scripts on my own. Thanks to the internet I’ve downloaded copies of Christopher and Jonathan [...]

Ridiculous Moments in Gaming- Call of Duty 4

6 Jun

A frustrating gaming experience I encountered over the weekend has encouraged me to start a new blog series, where I examine what I call “Ridiculous Moments in Gaming”- a broad term that encapsulates everything from overly difficult stages, inappropriateness, inane story points, or moments that are just so over the top that they’re awesome. Today [...]

In Defense of “Across the Sea,” Part 1

12 May

Today I feel depressed and isolated. LOST has been dividing viewers all season long, but last night’s mythos-heavy “Across the Sea” seems to have skewed almost all viewers distinctly into the “hate it” crowd. As far as I know at this point, I may be the only person who liked the episode. I’m depressed because [...]

Am I the Only Person Left Who Still Likes LOST?

5 May

HUGE SPOILER ALERT I don’t get it. I really… I really just don’t get it. Is there something wrong with me? I- I don’t think so……. maybe- yeah, that’s it- maybe there’s something wrong with everybody else! Yeah! Yeah- no… no that doesn’t make sense… I- (exasperated sigh) With only 4.5 hours of LOST left [...]

Hey LOST “Fans”- Chill Out

1 Apr

I knew this would happen. It always does. Happened with Battlestar, now it’s happening with LOST. I suppose it’s bound to happen to any TV series with this level of hype, fandom and one with so many mysteries. Some people will not have their expectations met. Some people will be disappointed. And some of these [...]