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Game of Thrones- “Kill the Boy” Recap

11 May

  Though the pacing is still a bit too slow for my liking, Game of Thrones kicked things up a notch with “Kill the Boy,” the season’s best episode by far. I should note that one of the reasons I probably liked this episode more than others was it neglected the series’ worst and most [...]

Top 10 TV Episodes of 2014- Part 1

12 Jan

10. The Walking Dead- “No Sanctuary” Someone from AMC Networks Scripted Programming has been looking at my Linkedin profile and I would love to work there again, so all I’ll say is that The Walking Dead is a very good show. That is all.

The Walking Dead- “This Sorrowful Life” Recap

25 Mar

Head over to the ZEFR-U Blog to read my latest Walking Dead recap. I expected the episode to be nothing more filler designed to further stall the inevitable showdown of Rick vs. Governor we all know is coming. It was actually pretty great and focused on one of my favorite actors on the show, Michael [...]

Cinematic Game Trailers- Beautifully Rendered Deception

6 Jun

If you follow videogame news, even with a mild passing interest, then you’ve probably heard of Dead Island. Announced back in 2008, this “zombies on a tropical island” adventure was thought to be dead and buried until an incredible, emotionally wrenching teaser trailer was released a few months ago. It showed a family being attacked [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 11

15 May

The X-Files- Season 7 By the start of its seventh season, The X-Files had produced over a hundred episodes, a movie, and a spin-off series called Millennium. By all rights, it was time to bring this epic and often convoluted story of alien colonization to a close. In a perfect world, both FOX and Chris [...]

Ridiculous Moments in Gaming- Dead Space’s Final Boss Battle

24 Jan

    In honor of the release of my second most anticipated game of 2011 (after Mass Effect 3), Dead Space 2, which hits stores tomorrow, or tonight at midnight if you’re a freak like me, I decided to revisit one of my favorite boss battles of all time, and one of my favorite moments [...]

Alex’s Best of 2010, Day One- Television

23 Dec

And so it begins! To be honest, this is my favorite time of the year because it gives me an excuse to indulge in one of my greatest pleasures: list-making. I kick things off with my Top 10 television episodes of the year. 2010 was an exciting, if uneven year for television. The dead walked, [...]

Alex’s Halloween Countdown- Wrap-Up, Pt. 1

2 Nov

Halloween may already be over, but I feel compelled to three different horror-themed pop culture events I experienced over the weekend. Up first is my review of… The Walking Dead (2010, TV series) Of all the new series premiering on television this year, AMC’s adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel series was the one I [...]

Alex’s Halloween Countdown, Day 7

31 Oct

Horror-Themed Videogames Alan Wake- The Writer Alan Wake is without a doubt one of my Top 10 games of the year. It has one of the best stories ever written for a game, and innovative gameplay that helps it stand apart from other survival horror titles. The game’s rated T for Teen, which made me [...]