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Game of Thrones- “And Now His Watch Is Ended” Recap

23 Apr

A DRAGON IS NOT A SLAVE …that is all. Read the recap here.


8 Jun

As I’m writing this, I’m watching the 10+ hours of E3 footage on G4 and Spike that I recorded with my DVR. Even though I’ve never gone, E3 is one of my favorite times of the year, as we are literally flooded with juicy videogame news. Hopefully Games Abyss will post my latest editorial, on [...]

Better Than Some, Worse Than the Pilot- The Event Recap

26 Apr

Following young Bran’s fall from the tower after catching Queen Cersei and her brother Jaime Lannister performing some incestuous bunga bunga, a definite air of tension has befallen the land of Westeros. “The Kingsroad” was a bit like a road movie, with Lord Stark- what? What’s that? This isn’t a Game of Thrones recap? Oh, [...]

A Thrilling Grab Bag of Mixed Results- LOST Series Finale (Part 1)

24 May

The Island is often described as its own character on LOST, and in my opinion, so too is Michael Giacchino’s score. There is simply no other score quite like it on television; it gives LOST the ultra-cinematic feel that sets it apart from nearly every other show. Without it, the series surely would have suffered, [...]

ZOMG- LOST Season 6 Premiere

3 Feb

SPOILER ALERT I CALLED IT. I TOTALLY CALLED IT. Last year, after the LOST fifth season finale, I totally predicted that the Man in Black would be revealed as the Monster in physical form, and tonight I was proven correct. Flocke even declared it himself, telling Ben “Sorry you had to see me like that” [...]