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Let’s Talk About All the 2014 Movies

18 Feb

With the Academy Awards going down this weekend, I felt it was my last chance to discuss 2014 in film. I won’t be watching the Oscars ceremony because I don’t care. They have never been particularly relevant to begin with, but in recent years they seem to have hit a new low. Besides, when you [...]

I’m Back Baby- Best Videogames of 2014, Part 1

6 Jan

On the advice of a good friend, I have decided to start blogging again. 2014 was a rough year, and I wasn’t particularly happy for most of it (despite it being a great first year of marriage). Blogging made me happy and I didn’t do it at all in 2014. Time to rectify that. Disappointments [...]

Exclusive Damaged #5 Preview!

20 Jan

Good news, everyone! Radical Comics has sent over another preview of their excellent comic series Damaged, written by David Lapham! Here’s an exclusive look at the first eight pages of Damaged #5, on sale February 1st!

Alex’s Best of 2011: Music

24 Dec

1. M83- “Midnight City” A lot of what makes M83’s music so moving is that sense of nostalgia that nearly every one of their songs evokes. Nostalgia is an incredibly powerful emotion and one that is very difficult to describe with words. It’s a feeling that you can’t quite shake and can’t remember where it [...]

Exclusive Damaged #4 Preview!

1 Dec

The good folks over at Radical Comics have been kind enough to give me an eight page preview of the next issue of the awesome crime comic Damaged! Check it out below, and then head back tomorrow for my advanced review of the new issue! Click on the images to enlarge:

The Killing- Episode 3 Recap

13 Apr

Head over to Culturemob, to read my recap of last Sunday’s installment of the AMC drama The Killing. The show continues to get better, though I think it’s a bit of an acquired taste (i.e. depressing, dark). Interestingly, Culturemob, like the show, is based in Seattle. Read the recap here.

The Killing Series Premiere Recap

6 Apr

Head over to Culturemob to read my recap of Sunday’s premiere of the new AMC drama, The Killing. It’s based on a popular Danish show about a mystery surrounding a teenage girl’s murder. I previously described it as a realistic and un-stylized version of Twin Peaks. It’s gotten rave reviews and though it’s unlikely to [...]

I Am the Blogging King

31 Mar

My quest for total blogging domination continues. Today I wrote my first piece for the Seattle-based website Culturemob. They’re pretty cool, and they let me write about TV, which is good because it adds variety to my repertoire. Anyways, click here to read my preview of AMC’s new drama series, The Killing, which is based [...]

The Top 10 Most Violent Games

31 Mar

Head over to Games Abyss to check out my list of the Top 10 Most Violent Games. I had a lot of fun compiling this list- writing descriptions of all the horrible things you can do or that happen to you in these games was morbidly enjoyable. You can read it here. Hit me up [...]

New Editorial Posted

29 Mar

Games Abyss posted another one of my articles yesterday. In this one I compare the opening scene of Homefront to the infamous airport massacre level “No Russian” from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Violence and videogames are practically bedfellows, and here I explore when violence actually helps a story and when it’s simply violence [...]