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Let’s Talk About All the 2014 Movies

18 Feb

With the Academy Awards going down this weekend, I felt it was my last chance to discuss 2014 in film. I won’t be watching the Oscars ceremony because I don’t care. They have never been particularly relevant to begin with, but in recent years they seem to have hit a new low. Besides, when you [...]

An Ode to Self-Awareness

21 Jan

2014 was the year I attained self-awareness. This is no small feat for a privileged white man, for we are told the world is our oyster at a very young age, and everything from sports to finance to entertainment hammers this idea over our heads. But I did it, and it has been quite a [...]

I’m Back Baby- Best Videogames of 2014, Part 1

6 Jan

On the advice of a good friend, I have decided to start blogging again. 2014 was a rough year, and I wasn’t particularly happy for most of it (despite it being a great first year of marriage). Blogging made me happy and I didn’t do it at all in 2014. Time to rectify that. Disappointments [...]

WithaBang Now Live

19 Apr

I am very pleased to announce the launch of the website I’ve been working on with my fiancee Alison, http://www.withabang.net. We’ve been working on it for some time and have accrued a group of very talented writers to help us make it one of the best blogs on the web. WithaBang strives to give a [...]

To Troll or Not to Troll?

28 Mar

A few days ago I wrote of Evangelical Ben, a former coworker who I have been arguing with on Facebook for some time. At the behest of my fiancee, and using my own good judgement, I decided to block him- not to avoid any harassment from his end, but rather to stop myself from reading [...]

How I Almost Died

31 Aug

So, yeah… It’s been a while. I was busy. Then I wasn’t busy. Then I was depressed. There was that whole thing about a “blog ultimatum,” and that’s still on the table- I still plan to make a sweet original website with multiple writers with Alison- but I also need to get money to survive [...]

Read the Second & Third Episodes of My Portal TV Series

17 Jul

So I was rummaging through my computer yesterday and came upon the second and third episodes of my first TV series, Portal. In case you’re not familiar, Portal was the first pilot I wrote and for a while I considered it to be my best work. I was inspired by Fringe’s first season but felt [...]

Alex Hilhorst 3: The Blog Ultimatum

20 Jun

I met with a former manager and friend yesterday and he imparted some excellent advice. One of the things we spoke about is an idea I’ve been flirting with for a while: revamping this website. When I started a WordPress.com blog called Castle on a Hill back in 2009 the idea was simply to get [...]

I Guess I Was Kind of Messed Up As a Kid

31 May

Check out this cartoon I did when I was oh, ten years old or so. My dad found it and sent it to me recently. So yeah. Guess I was kinda disturbed. But also had a great sense of humor. Dark comedy!!

Writing Page Updated

5 Feb

Since everything on here is technically “Copyright Alex Hilhorst 2012,” I decided to upload full versions for all of my scripts. Why the hell not? Besides, most of them are already registered with the WGA. Maybe this will help me finally get a screenwriting gig. Who knows. Full versions of the following scripts have been [...]