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The Walking Dead- “This Sorrowful Life” Recap

25 Mar

Head over to the ZEFR-U Blog to read my latest Walking Dead recap. I expected the episode to be nothing more filler designed to further stall the inevitable showdown of Rick vs. Governor we all know is coming. It was actually pretty great and focused on one of my favorite actors on the show, Michael [...]

The Walking Dead- “Prey” Recap

18 Mar

My return to the world of blogging continues. Head over to the ZEFR-U blog to read my recap of last night’s antepenultimate Walking Dead episode, “Prey.” I thought it was a pretty solid episode that actually made me care about the usually detestable Andrea for once. Follow this link to read the recap!

The Killing- “I’ll Let You Know When I Get There” Recap

1 Jun

Head over to Culturemob to read my recap of last Sunday’s newest installment of AMC’s The Killing. Despite great acting, good dialogue and ethereal cinematography and music, this show has had a hard time finding its footing. Though “I”ll Let You Know When I Get There” was better than many of the previous episodes, I [...]

The Killing- Maybe Not as Great as We All Thought

9 May

Head over to Culturemob to read my latest recap for AMC’s The Killing. What started off as a suprisingly honest take on the murder mystery, has become a monotonous exercise in how not to write a mystery show. Nothing ever seems to happen on this show, where each episode ends with some huge revelation, a [...]

The Killing- “What You Have Left” Recap

4 May

Head over to Culturemob to read the latest in my recaps for AMC’s murder mystery series The Killing. Some people have complained that the pacing of the show is too slow for a murder mystery, though if they had watched AMC’s now-cancelled Rubicon they probably wouldn’t be complaining. Fortunately, things picked up quite a bit [...]

The Killing- “Super 8″ Recap

25 Apr

Head over to Culturemob to read my recap of last night’s new episode of AMC’s The Killing, entitled “Super 8,” not to be confused with the upcoming J.J. Abrams movie of the same name. The show continues to excel, and the somewhat bizarre subplot involving a mayoral candidate has finally intersected with the mystery of [...]

The Killing, Ep. 4- “A Soundless Echo” Recap

19 Apr

What could have ended up like the now-cancelled Rubicon, instead ended up as another resounding success for AMC, who continue to uphold their pedigree for outstanding TV dramas. Though The Killing is dark and moody, its actually quite fast-paced, and thus, incredibly gripping. Head over to Culturemob to read my recap of last Sunday’s installment, [...]

The Killing- Episode 3 Recap

13 Apr

Head over to Culturemob, to read my recap of last Sunday’s installment of the AMC drama The Killing. The show continues to get better, though I think it’s a bit of an acquired taste (i.e. depressing, dark). Interestingly, Culturemob, like the show, is based in Seattle. Read the recap here.

The Killing Series Premiere Recap

6 Apr

Head over to Culturemob to read my recap of Sunday’s premiere of the new AMC drama, The Killing. It’s based on a popular Danish show about a mystery surrounding a teenage girl’s murder. I previously described it as a realistic and un-stylized version of Twin Peaks. It’s gotten rave reviews and though it’s unlikely to [...]

I Am the Blogging King

31 Mar

My quest for total blogging domination continues. Today I wrote my first piece for the Seattle-based website Culturemob. They’re pretty cool, and they let me write about TV, which is good because it adds variety to my repertoire. Anyways, click here to read my preview of AMC’s new drama series, The Killing, which is based [...]