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The Movies I Liked This Year, Part 2

4 Jan

Originally this list was only going to be five movies because there were only five movies I saw this year that truly blew me away. But then I thought that was dumb so I extended it to six when I added The Dark Knight Rises. Then that seemed stupid too, so I made it eight [...]

How the Hell Does Bruce Wayne Get Any Sleep?

26 Jan

Recently I’ve jumped back into the world of comic books. I was inspired to pick it back up again after learning that DC planned to reboot their entire line in a company-wide initiative dubbed “The New 52.” You can read reviews of some of the New 52 #1 issues here. The relaunch was a great [...]

Grading the New 52, Part 3

20 Sep

A new batch of these are coming out on Wednesday, so I’m trying to play catch up. Here’s some more reviews. Detective Comics #1 As Detective Comics is the title from which DC got its namesake, one expects a certain level of quality from the flagship series. Thankfully, writer and artist Tony S. Daniel delivers [...]

Grading the New 52, Part 2

17 Sep

There’s a lot more of these to come… believe me: I’ve bought a ton of these. And there’s still two weeks of new #1 releases left. Batwing #1 I was very intrigued when I first read about Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc. series, which has Bruce Wayne franchising the Batman persona to other vigilantes around the [...]

Comics Roundup- 08.24.2011, Part 1

25 Aug

Batman: Arkham City #5 The comic series that ties 2009′s Batman: Arkham Asylum videogame to this October’s upcoming sequel, Batman: Arkham City concludes in this month’s issue, entitled “Exposure.” While not as action packed as previous issues, the fifth installment does set the stage for the game while giving readers a few surprises. First and [...]

Comics Roundup- 08.10.2011

10 Aug

Farscape #22 The antepenultimate installment of Farscape’s “War For the Uncharted Territories” arc and from what I’ve heard, the entire comic series, Issue #22, entitled “Talkin’ Kkore Blues” sets the stage for what will likely be an epic two-part finale, but I do have issues with Crichton’s wacky, hippy-esque plan. The issue opens with several [...]

Comics Roundup- 08.03.2011, Part 1

3 Aug

In case it wasn’t already apparent, I have become a total comics nerd. Maybe it’s because of the DC Relaunch. Maybe it’s because I liked the Captain America movie. Maybe I’m just entering that phase. Whatever the reason, I continue to recap comics I’m following. Enjoy. Batman: Arkham City #4 The series that ties into [...]

Comics Roundup

21 Jul

I’ve been a mild fan of comics since I was little, and though I wouldn’t call myself a total comic geek, I do appreciate the medium and have read many an issue in my time. I have an eclectic taste. I prefer graphic novels. Though I’m a pretty big Batman fan and have read the [...]

Alex’s Most Anticipated Games, Part III- The Top 10

4 Oct

Since I fell so far behind on this series, I’ve decided to just consolidate and present the Top 10 Games I’m most excited for. From now on I will only post a “Most Anticipated Games” from time to time, and it will generally be a top 10 list of games I’m super psyched for. Coming [...]

Alex’s Best of 2009, Day One- Videogames

15 Dec

As you all know, I love lists. So you can imagine how much I love this time of year, when every critic, blogger, or dude with an internet connection capable of typing makes their “Best Of” lists for the past year. The holidays may be stressful, stupid and corporatized, but end of year lists are [...]