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An Ode to Self-Awareness

21 Jan

2014 was the year I attained self-awareness. This is no small feat for a privileged white man, for we are told the world is our oyster at a very young age, and everything from sports to finance to entertainment hammers this idea over our heads. But I did it, and it has been quite a [...]

WithaBang Now Live

19 Apr

I am very pleased to announce the launch of the website I’ve been working on with my fiancee Alison, http://www.withabang.net. We’ve been working on it for some time and have accrued a group of very talented writers to help us make it one of the best blogs on the web. WithaBang strives to give a [...]

The Walking Dead- “Prey” Recap

18 Mar

My return to the world of blogging continues. Head over to the ZEFR-U blog to read my recap of last night’s antepenultimate Walking Dead episode, “Prey.” I thought it was a pretty solid episode that actually made me care about the usually detestable Andrea for once. Follow this link to read the recap!

I Am Now Writing for the ZEFR-U Blog

15 Mar

I work for a company called ZEFR in Venice, California. Pretty much all I do is watch Youtube videos, but now I’ve been asked to contribute to their new blog. Click here to read my first post, a preview of Game of Thrones’ upcoming third season.

Alex Hilhorst 3: The Blog Ultimatum

20 Jun

I met with a former manager and friend yesterday and he imparted some excellent advice. One of the things we spoke about is an idea I’ve been flirting with for a while: revamping this website. When I started a WordPress.com blog called Castle on a Hill back in 2009 the idea was simply to get [...]

I Am the Blogging King

31 Mar

My quest for total blogging domination continues. Today I wrote my first piece for the Seattle-based website Culturemob. They’re pretty cool, and they let me write about TV, which is good because it adds variety to my repertoire. Anyways, click here to read my preview of AMC’s new drama series, The Killing, which is based [...]

New Games Abyss Article Now Live

8 Feb

They just keep on coming… Today Games Abyss posted my editorial on iD Software’s upcoming FPS, their first game since DOOM 3, the graphically ridiculous RAGE, slated for release on September 13. Read it here. It’s also looking like I’m going to get to review some games soon, so stay tuned.

My Second Editorial For Games Abyss is Now Online

27 Jan

Head over to Gamesabyss.com to check out my newest editorial, a preview for the upcoming third person shooter, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. Those of you who have known me for some time may be aware that back in the day I painted pewter miniatures manufactured by a place called Games Workshop for use in their [...]

So I’m Kind of A Real Blogger Now

24 Jan

Though I’m sure alexhilhorst.com has its own weird cultish fan base of Packer kids, Tisch kids, my girlfriend and people who google “Mass Effect 2″ or phrases like “Jacob LOST” or “MGMT godawful,” now you can find me on an actual, legitimate website. I’m now a contributor for GamesAbyss.com, and you can read my first [...]