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I’m Back Baby- Best Videogames of 2014, Part 1

6 Jan

On the advice of a good friend, I have decided to start blogging again. 2014 was a rough year, and I wasn’t particularly happy for most of it (despite it being a great first year of marriage). Blogging made me happy and I didn’t do it at all in 2014. Time to rectify that. Disappointments [...]

The Future of COD

17 May

Head over to Games Abyss to read my latest editorial. Man, it feels good to write for them again and not have to keep my mouth shut because of arbitrary rules set up by halfwits named Juan Martinez. In all likelihood, my lay off and this article will prevent me from ever working for Activision [...]

Creating a Hype Monster With Modern Warfare 3

24 May

Fresh off last night’s gameplay reveal trailer, I’ve written a new editorial about this year’s soon-to-be record-breaking smash hit, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Some of you may recall that I wrote a whole article about how much better Battlefield 3 is going to be and how it’s finally going to manage to topple [...]

Battlefield 3: The Call of Duty Killer

7 Apr

In case you weren’t aware, Activision is currently doing to its Call of Duty franchise what it did to the now-dead Guitar Hero series: over-saturating the market. Sensing this Call of Duty fatigue, Electronic Arts is taking its opportunity and is planning to finally topple gaming’s most lucrative franchise with their new military shooter, Battlefield [...]

New Editorial Posted

29 Mar

Games Abyss posted another one of my articles yesterday. In this one I compare the opening scene of Homefront to the infamous airport massacre level “No Russian” from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Violence and videogames are practically bedfellows, and here I explore when violence actually helps a story and when it’s simply violence [...]

Alex’s Best of 2010, Day Two- Videogames

4 Feb

Though it’s already February, I’m still determined to finish these end of the year lists. It took me so long to get this one done because a while back I accidentally deleted half of it and then didn’t feel like redoing it. But now I did! Enjoy. 1. Mass Effect 2 Picking a number one [...]

Alex’s Best of 2009, Day One- Videogames

15 Dec

As you all know, I love lists. So you can imagine how much I love this time of year, when every critic, blogger, or dude with an internet connection capable of typing makes their “Best Of” lists for the past year. The holidays may be stressful, stupid and corporatized, but end of year lists are [...]

Alex's Top 100 Videogame Countdown- Day Nine

9 Aug

Thought I’d forgotten about this, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?!! 20. Bioshock (2007) XBOX 360 One of the greatest stories put to a video game, Bioshock is also one of the most refreshing and exciting first person shooters out there. It’s also kind of scary. Splicers are scary. What makes the game really is its setting- [...]