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Falling Skies Season Finale Recap

8 Aug

Check out my recap of last night’s double-sized Falling Skies recap at Culturemob. As much as I love me a show about aliens, Falling Skies has had a rocky first season, and the finale was a mixed bag. You can read my take here.

Falling Skies Redeems Itself, Gears Up For Finale

1 Aug

After the dismal resolution to the “Sanctuary” arc, many Falling Skies fans wondered if the alien invasion drama would be of a flip-floppy quality like another show I recap, The Killing. Fortunately, the show redeemed itself with the awesome “What Hides Beneath,” an episode that centered on gruff military leader Weaver, while also exploring the [...]

Falling Skies Fails to Satisfy With “Sanctuary, Part 2″

25 Jul

The first half of “Sanctuary” was perhaps the best episode of Falling Skies to date. Part 2? Not so much. It wasn’t as bad as the AV Club might lead you to believe, but it wasn’t the kind of resolution the story arc deserved. Read my recap at Culturemob for more insight.

Two New Falling Skies Recaps Now Online

11 Jul

How’s it going everybody? So I’ve been in Martha’s Vineyard, where I simultaneously tried to relax and deal with my parents, which is why I haven’t posted anything the past twelve days. I did however manage to go to the library and write a recap of last week’s episode of Falling Skies, entitled “Grace.” You [...]

Falling Skies Episode 103 Recap

27 Jun

Head over to Culturemob to read my latest recap for TNT’s new alien invasion drama Falling Skies. That is all.

Falling Skies Series Premiere Recap

20 Jun

With The Killing over with for now, I’ve shifted my Culturemob recap focus to TNT’s brand new alien invasion drama, Falling Skies. It stars Noah Wyle of ER fame and has Steven Spielberg’s name on the poster. It’s also pretty cool. Not great, but good, and with the potential to get a lot better in [...]

The Best Episode of The Killing Yet

6 Jun

The Killing has been flawed to say the least. Red herrings ran amok, with a significant majority of the first season spent on a lead that turned out to be the deadest of dead ends, not to mention a bizarre subplot about a mayoral candidate who has little to do with the central mystery. But [...]

The Killing- “I’ll Let You Know When I Get There” Recap

1 Jun

Head over to Culturemob to read my recap of last Sunday’s newest installment of AMC’s The Killing. Despite great acting, good dialogue and ethereal cinematography and music, this show has had a hard time finding its footing. Though “I”ll Let You Know When I Get There” was better than many of the previous episodes, I [...]

The Killing Recap- “Stonewalled”

16 May

Head over to Culturemob to read my recap of last night’s new episode of The Killing. Last week I, and many others, complained that the show was too slow and was essentially going in circles every episode. Though the story picked up speed last night and a picture is starting to form of where it’s [...]

The Killing- Maybe Not as Great as We All Thought

9 May

Head over to Culturemob to read my latest recap for AMC’s The Killing. What started off as a suprisingly honest take on the murder mystery, has become a monotonous exercise in how not to write a mystery show. Nothing ever seems to happen on this show, where each episode ends with some huge revelation, a [...]