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LOST: One Year Later, the Ending Still Sucks

25 May

For a while, LOST was a guilty pleasure. The girl I had a crush on in high school was equally obsessed with the show, but when I arrived at NYU most of my friends and roommates were of the “I don’t watch TV” variety, not because they’re the kind of dicks who think TV is [...]

A Thrilling Grab Bag of Mixed Results- LOST Series Finale (Part 2)

4 Jun

It’s been nine days since LOST’s final curtain call, and yet the show still dominates my thoughts. Whether it’s obsessing over answers that will never come and plot holes that will never be filled, or trying to make sense of the finale, all I can seem to think about is LOST. Granted, I haven’t exactly [...]

A Thrilling Grab Bag of Mixed Results- LOST Series Finale (Part 1)

24 May

The Island is often described as its own character on LOST, and in my opinion, so too is Michael Giacchino’s score. There is simply no other score quite like it on television; it gives LOST the ultra-cinematic feel that sets it apart from nearly every other show. Without it, the series surely would have suffered, [...]

Preparing For the End- Tonight’s LOST Finale

23 May

In the above video, which I first saw on EW.com, the cat portraying Jack Shephard states: “I left my position as a prominent spinal surgeon to protect a light from a cloud. Seriously.” More than any other television show out there, LOST defies explanation. As I showed in my recap for “What They Died For,” [...]

ENDGAME- “What They Died For” Recap

19 May

During my sophomore year of college I rewatched the first and second seasons of LOST in preparation for the third season premiere. This is actually how Alison got into the show, but it was also a period where my friend and roommate Jordan would sit down and watch some episodes just so he could make [...]

In Defense of “Across the Sea,” Part 2

13 May

Yesterday, my friend Matt Morgenthaler responded to the first half of my defense of “Across the Sea” with this very insightful observation: “It is quite ironic that Lost fans fall into the Faith or Science categories too. Some fans have ‘faith’ in the showrunners and realize that some mysteries cannot be solved. And then there [...]

LOST- Obligatory Home Stretch Bloodbath

11 May

In response to last week’s submarine massacre and in anticipation of tonight’s heavily mythology-centric episode, “Across the Sea,” I have decided to present you with my list of who will live and who will die in the final 4.5 hours of LOST. Other websites have done this, including IGN, but I didn’t like their conclusions [...]

Am I the Only Person Left Who Still Likes LOST?

5 May

HUGE SPOILER ALERT I don’t get it. I really… I really just don’t get it. Is there something wrong with me? I- I don’t think so……. maybe- yeah, that’s it- maybe there’s something wrong with everybody else! Yeah! Yeah- no… no that doesn’t make sense… I- (exasperated sigh) With only 4.5 hours of LOST left [...]

The End is Nigh

21 Apr

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to blog about anything- that’s because I’ve been working 13 hours a day for the past 12 days driving French people around in a pass van for $100 a day. Yeah… I know… it was exactly as it sounds. Anyways I’m back, and have some thoughts [...]

A Wrinkle in Space and Time

7 Apr

Looking back on my post from last week, where I ragged on alleged LOST fans for complaining about the risky story decisions the writers have been making this season, I feel I was a little harsh. Because, to be honest, these eleven hours of LOST’s final season haven’t been the mind-blowing perfection of television I [...]