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Let’s Talk About All the 2014 Movies

18 Feb

With the Academy Awards going down this weekend, I felt it was my last chance to discuss 2014 in film. I won’t be watching the Oscars ceremony because I don’t care. They have never been particularly relevant to begin with, but in recent years they seem to have hit a new low. Besides, when you [...]

Evil Dead Review

9 Apr

Head over to the ZEFR-U Blog to check out my review of the remake of Evil Dead. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie despite its paper thin plot and weak characterizations, and was also thoroughly grossed out by its ridiculous gore. Best horror film to come out in years, and well worth the price of admission. [...]

The Movies I Liked This Year, Part 2

4 Jan

Originally this list was only going to be five movies because there were only five movies I saw this year that truly blew me away. But then I thought that was dumb so I extended it to six when I added The Dark Knight Rises. Then that seemed stupid too, so I made it eight [...]

Alien vs. Predator Marathon, Part 2

21 May

Ridley Scott’s Alien, Continued A movie so awesome it required two posts!! One of the many things I find interesting about this film is how Ripley isn’t a clear, definable protagonist. She becomes the protagonist over the course of the film, but for the first two acts she barely speaks. She doesn’t go down to [...]

Alien vs. Predator Marathon, Part 1

17 May

Fuck yeah, baby!! IT’S ON!! I know what you’re thinking. Well, maybe. If you’ve never been here before you’re probably thinking “Who the fuck is this Alex Hilhorst kid?” If you’re one of my friends or stumbled upon this site while Googling the phrase “Mass Effect 2 Best Game Ever,” you’re probably wondering “What about [...]

Comics Roundup- 08.03.2011, Part 2

7 Aug

The Punisher #1 I read a couple Punisher comics in summer camp (where I actually did a lot of my early comic reading) and once caught some of Punisher: Warzone on Spike TV. Basically what I came away with from that is that the Punisher is a vigilante with a penchant for vengeance and his [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 8

8 Feb

Millennium- Season 2 Chris Carter’s other show really amped up in its second season, shifting away from the morose serial killer procedural it was in season one to a much more serialized and mythos-heavy tale of an impending apocalypse. Though it’s often still pretty depressing and still has some one-off “killer of the week” episodes, [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 7

19 Jan

Millennium- Season 1 When most of you hear the word “millennium,” you probably think “term used to describe 1000 years” and not “show about serial killers by X-Files creator Chris Carter.” So let me give you a little background. In the second half of the 1990s people were freaking out about the impending dawn of [...]

Alex’s Halloween Countdown- Wrap-Up, Pt. 2

3 Nov

Monsters (2010) From my perspective, this fall- colloquially known as “Oscar Season,” looks very bleak. Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter looked horrendous. 127 Hours looks cool, but I kind of lost faith in Danny Boyle after the sub-par Slumdog Millionaire, which in my opinion was wholly undeserving of an Academy Award and could be considered to be [...]

Alex’s Halloween Countdown- Wrap-Up, Pt. 1

2 Nov

Halloween may already be over, but I feel compelled to three different horror-themed pop culture events I experienced over the weekend. Up first is my review of… The Walking Dead (2010, TV series) Of all the new series premiering on television this year, AMC’s adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel series was the one I [...]