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A Thrilling Grab Bag of Mixed Results- LOST Series Finale (Part 2)

4 Jun

It’s been nine days since LOST’s final curtain call, and yet the show still dominates my thoughts. Whether it’s obsessing over answers that will never come and plot holes that will never be filled, or trying to make sense of the finale, all I can seem to think about is LOST. Granted, I haven’t exactly [...]

ENDGAME- “What They Died For” Recap

19 May

During my sophomore year of college I rewatched the first and second seasons of LOST in preparation for the third season premiere. This is actually how Alison got into the show, but it was also a period where my friend and roommate Jordan would sit down and watch some episodes just so he could make [...]

In Defense of “Across the Sea,” Part 2

13 May

Yesterday, my friend Matt Morgenthaler responded to the first half of my defense of “Across the Sea” with this very insightful observation: “It is quite ironic that Lost fans fall into the Faith or Science categories too. Some fans have ‘faith’ in the showrunners and realize that some mysteries cannot be solved. And then there [...]

Am I the Only Person Left Who Still Likes LOST?

5 May

HUGE SPOILER ALERT I don’t get it. I really… I really just don’t get it. Is there something wrong with me? I- I don’t think so……. maybe- yeah, that’s it- maybe there’s something wrong with everybody else! Yeah! Yeah- no… no that doesn’t make sense… I- (exasperated sigh) With only 4.5 hours of LOST left [...]

The End is Nigh

21 Apr

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to blog about anything- that’s because I’ve been working 13 hours a day for the past 12 days driving French people around in a pass van for $100 a day. Yeah… I know… it was exactly as it sounds. Anyways I’m back, and have some thoughts [...]

Hey LOST “Fans”- Chill Out

1 Apr

I knew this would happen. It always does. Happened with Battlestar, now it’s happening with LOST. I suppose it’s bound to happen to any TV series with this level of hype, fandom and one with so many mysteries. Some people will not have their expectations met. Some people will be disappointed. And some of these [...]

Wrestling With Angels- The Ricardo Alpert Story

24 Mar

Halfway through LOST’s final season and I feel confident that the series is heading to a rousing climax. Last night’s Richard-centric episode “Ab Aeterno” was a highly anticipated installment, and I can already tell it’s going to be divisive amongst fans. Many may be disappointed that Richard’s backstory was more or less as expected- like [...]

LOST Cranks It Up to Eleven

3 Mar

All my fears about LOST’s sixth and final season have now been assuaged. No matter what happens, no matter how crazy or ridiculous the twists and reveals are, I’m on board. To put it in a working man’s terms: last night, LOST kicked ass. Gone is the slow-burn pacing of episodes 2-4, in fact as [...]

ZOMG- LOST Season 6 Premiere

3 Feb

SPOILER ALERT I CALLED IT. I TOTALLY CALLED IT. Last year, after the LOST fifth season finale, I totally predicted that the Man in Black would be revealed as the Monster in physical form, and tonight I was proven correct. Flocke even declared it himself, telling Ben “Sorry you had to see me like that” [...]