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TheHil’s Top 10 Movies of 2014, Part 2

24 Mar

I actually forgot about two movies I saw in 2014, the new X-Men film and the Michael Fassbender-starring Frank. I’ve retroactively added them to the list. To see my opinions on them, click here. And now, for the Final Five (Battlestar Galactica reference): 5. Blue Ruin The most low-key film on my list, this indie [...]

TheHil’s Top 10 Movies of 2014, Part 1

23 Mar

We’re down to the Top 10 and 2015 is already 25% over, so I’m gonna cut to the chase and (try to) keep it short and sweet. 10. The LEGO Movie I thought this would be a cute, semi-original kid’s movie. I didn’t expect it to make me tear up. The animation— which while done [...]

2012 Movies, Part 3

7 Jan

8. Lincoln The older Spielberg gets, the more boring of a director he becomes but Lincoln is still a pretty damn good movie. Unfortunately, I think it would have been a stellar stage play, but I guess Tony Kushner felt that that medium wouldn’t do the story justice. The reason this is so low down [...]

The Movies I Liked This Year, Part 2

4 Jan

Originally this list was only going to be five movies because there were only five movies I saw this year that truly blew me away. But then I thought that was dumb so I extended it to six when I added The Dark Knight Rises. Then that seemed stupid too, so I made it eight [...]

The Movies I Liked This Year, Part 1

3 Jan

Yes, I know. It’s been a long time. I don’t really have an excuse, but one of my New Years resolutions is to blog again and it’s January 3rd, so here I am. Over the past five years or so I have slowly but surely drifted from film to television. I moved to Los Angeles [...]

The Lost World- Not Quite as Perfect of a Movie, Part 2

13 Sep

So the main problem with this film is that though some of the characters are interesting, none are relatable enough for the audience to latch onto. There’s no emotional center like there was in the first film, so it’s just a lot of pretty dinosaur shots with no substance. Malcolm is this confused non-entity who [...]

Alien vs. Predator Marathon, Part 4

11 Jun

3. Prometheus (2012) SPOILER ALERT Yeah, yeah- I know. I’m breaking the chronological order of this marathon. But I just saw Prometheus on Friday and it’s still fresh in my mind, so I figured I should break protocol and write about it while it’s still the talk of the internet. Plus, I’ve decided I only [...]

Alien vs. Predator Marathon, Part 3

5 Jun

Aliens (1986) Special Edition God, I love this movie. Combined with Terminator 2, Aliens is an example of an action director at the peak of his career. Say what you will about Avatar and Titanic, there’s no denying that at the turn of the 1990s, James Cameron was the king of action. A lot of [...]

Alex’s Marvel Movie Countdown, Part 5

31 May

5. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Until the release of The Avengers I considered Captain America to be the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Now I would probably call it a tie between Cap and the first Iron Man, but I still think the former is more unique and less of your [...]

Alien vs. Predator Marathon, Part 2

21 May

Ridley Scott’s Alien, Continued A movie so awesome it required two posts!! One of the many things I find interesting about this film is how Ripley isn’t a clear, definable protagonist. She becomes the protagonist over the course of the film, but for the first two acts she barely speaks. She doesn’t go down to [...]