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An X-Files Retrospective, Part 12

16 Aug

The X-Files- Season 8 Sigh. That exclamation pretty much sums up how I feel about The X-Files’ penultimate season. This is one of the best sci-fi shows ever made we’re talking about here, hell one of the best TV shows ever made ever, so it really pains me to talk about its slow, laborious death. [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 11

15 May

The X-Files- Season 7 By the start of its seventh season, The X-Files had produced over a hundred episodes, a movie, and a spin-off series called Millennium. By all rights, it was time to bring this epic and often convoluted story of alien colonization to a close. In a perfect world, both FOX and Chris [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 9

7 Mar

The X-Files- Season 6 SPOILER ALERT The sixth season of The X-Files picks up right where the movie left off, with Mulder and Scully presenting their findings to a group of directors at the FBI, a very elegant way to recap what happened in Fight the Future. Season premiere “The Beginning” is extra cool because [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 6

15 Jan

In case you hadn’t figured it our already, SPOILER ALERT. The X-Files: Fight the Future At long last I reach the first X-Files film, often subtitled “Fight the Future.” I have a very vivid memory of seeing this movie in the theaters on opening night, and seeing it again left me awash with nostalgia. I [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 5

10 Jan

I’m actually getting close to finishing the first season of Millennium (finally). Expect a review of that shortly. The X-Files- Season 5 Season 5 is undoubtedly the best season of The X-Files to date, and if I was to venture a guess, I’d say it’s probably the best overall. There’s nary a bad installment in [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 4

21 Nov

At long last, the retrospective returns! Sorry I’ve been away for a while. I had a really busy job in October, then I got a stomach virus, then I bought Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and couldn’t stop playing it. Probably have to do a blog post on that, too… The X-Files- Season 4 Putting the uneven [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 3

7 Jun

The X-Files- Season 3 After the deliciously dark Season 2 and its amazing cliffhanger, I’m sad to say that Season 3 of The X-Files just does not meet expectations. Things are bad from the get-go, as the premiere, “The Blessing Way,” is a less than stellar follow-up to Season 2 finale “Anasazi.” Mulder’s apparent death [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 2

15 May

The X-Files- Season 2 The second season finds Mulder’s enigmatic and recently deceased source Deep Throat replaced by the slightly less cool, but also considerably more sinister X. In a lot of ways, X’s introduction reflects the season’s darker tone. The X-Files is a consistently dark show, but the second season is a particularly trying [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 1

9 May

About a month or two ago Netflix added several iconic TV shows to their instant viewing service, including possibly the most influential sci-fi series of all time, Chris Carter’s The X-Files. I had been waiting for this to happen: an opportunity to watch the series, from beginning to end, every single episode. Netflix just handed [...]