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Fringe Gets Even Weirder- Season Premiere Recap

25 Sep

Earlier this year my recaps of NBC’s shittastic and now cancelled drama The Event got me a good deal of traffic, probably because I was one of the few people on the internets actually willing to waste their time watching and then writing about it. I’ve since gone on to do recaps for The Killing [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 12

16 Aug

The X-Files- Season 8 Sigh. That exclamation pretty much sums up how I feel about The X-Files’ penultimate season. This is one of the best sci-fi shows ever made we’re talking about here, hell one of the best TV shows ever made ever, so it really pains me to talk about its slow, laborious death. [...]

Falling Skies Keeps Getting Better- Recap

18 Jul

Falling Skies has had its fair share of ups and downs over the course of its first six episodes, but it’s clearly getting better and I feel I may have become too hypercritical as of late- too curmudgeonly. So head over to Culturemob to read my latest recap, which is much more upbeat and enthusiastic [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 10

15 Mar

Millennium- Season 3 Watching Millennium’s final season, it’s easy to see why the show got cancelled. Though it had great actors and great writing and some pretty chilling procedural drama, it changed its style every single season, something I’m sure alienated viewers when the show was on the air. The first season was a very [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 9

7 Mar

The X-Files- Season 6 SPOILER ALERT The sixth season of The X-Files picks up right where the movie left off, with Mulder and Scully presenting their findings to a group of directors at the FBI, a very elegant way to recap what happened in Fight the Future. Season premiere “The Beginning” is extra cool because [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 8

8 Feb

Millennium- Season 2 Chris Carter’s other show really amped up in its second season, shifting away from the morose serial killer procedural it was in season one to a much more serialized and mythos-heavy tale of an impending apocalypse. Though it’s often still pretty depressing and still has some one-off “killer of the week” episodes, [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 7

19 Jan

Millennium- Season 1 When most of you hear the word “millennium,” you probably think “term used to describe 1000 years” and not “show about serial killers by X-Files creator Chris Carter.” So let me give you a little background. In the second half of the 1990s people were freaking out about the impending dawn of [...]

An X-Files Retrospective, Part 5

10 Jan

I’m actually getting close to finishing the first season of Millennium (finally). Expect a review of that shortly. The X-Files- Season 5 Season 5 is undoubtedly the best season of The X-Files to date, and if I was to venture a guess, I’d say it’s probably the best overall. There’s nary a bad installment in [...]

Alex’s Best of 2010, Day One- Television

23 Dec

And so it begins! To be honest, this is my favorite time of the year because it gives me an excuse to indulge in one of my greatest pleasures: list-making. I kick things off with my Top 10 television episodes of the year. 2010 was an exciting, if uneven year for television. The dead walked, [...]