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Is That The Event? Or Are You Just Happy to See Me? -Finale Recap & Review

24 May

At long last, after a cool pilot and twenty episodes of crap, The Event finally comes to a close, and the answer to “what is the Event?” is (maybe) revealed. Though The Event didn’t redeem itself at the last minute in the same way as FlashForward, it did have a pretty baller ending and could [...]

It’s Cancelled- The Event Recap

17 May

In an act of mercy, NBC announced last week that they were canceling their high-concept drama The Event, no doubt to make way for other high-concept sci-fi shows such as the hilariously bad-looking Grimm, which will themselves undoubtedly be cancelled. “You’re the last Grimm?” C’mon, seriously, who thought that was a good idea? Just because [...]

Who Writes This Crap? -The Event Recap

10 May

A strange sensation came over me last night while watching The Event. I suddenly felt as if I was in a dream, as if I was watching myself watch The Event and asking myself, “why?” It was a bizarre meta sensation that no doubt came over me because as The Event approaches its finale, it [...]

Bore-rrriiinngggg- The Event Recap

3 May

Though the reveal of who/what Sam Weiss truly was in last week’s penultimate episode of Fringe was a little disappointing (he just comes from a long line of guys named Sam Weiss?), there was a lot of awesome stuff in “The Last Sam Weiss,” including an amazing cliffhanger moment that has jettisoned the plot forward [...]

Better Than Some, Worse Than the Pilot- The Event Recap

26 Apr

Following young Bran’s fall from the tower after catching Queen Cersei and her brother Jaime Lannister performing some incestuous bunga bunga, a definite air of tension has befallen the land of Westeros. “The Kingsroad” was a bit like a road movie, with Lord Stark- what? What’s that? This isn’t a Game of Thrones recap? Oh, [...]

Well, At Least There Was a Twist, I Guess- The Event Recap

19 Apr

So The Event came back last night after another two week hiatus. I wasn’t expecting much considering how big of a mess this show has become, but despite more problems piling up on top of each other, there were a few things to like and one big twist. There still isn’t much logic on The [...]

Make It Stop- The Event Recap

5 Apr

At this point, I’ve pretty much become the laughing stock of my film school friends and girlfriend for continuing to watch The Event. I know it’s bad, I know I’m wasting time watching it but for whatever reason I just can’t stop. It’s kind of like the second season of Heroes, which was like watching [...]

Us vs. Them- The Event Recap

29 Mar

So yeah, I didn’t write a recap last week. Wanna fight about it? Who really cares though, right? Is anyone actually watching this show other than me and Alison’s step-grandparents? Anyways, while some pretty big events (I won’t stop making puns until they change the title) went down, there was the definite sense that the [...]

You Just Got Played- The Event Recap

15 Mar

You know, despite its innumerable flaws, I kinda like The Event. It may be a sclockfest, but it’s really entertaining and to be honest, I look forward to watching it every week now. I’m still confident it won’t survive past its first season, but I don’t really care. Whether it gets cancelled or not is [...]

Wait… This Show’s Still On? -The Event Recap

8 Mar

I know nobody watches this show, and even fewer people read my recaps. But I set out to write a recap for this entire season and I finish what I start… well… usually. Anyways, with The Walking Dead on hiatus and Fringe more or less doomed to cancellation, this is all I have. And while [...]