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Mass Effect Proves I Have An Obsessive Personality Disorder

6 Mar

A while back I wrote what is, to date, alexhilhorst.com’s most popular article, entitled “Mass Effect 2 May Be The Greatest Game Ever Made” and I stand by that hyperbolic statement. If you were to ask me to rate my Top 10 Games right here, right now, ME2 would be right up there with Resident [...]

Bore-rrriiinngggg- The Event Recap

3 May

Though the reveal of who/what Sam Weiss truly was in last week’s penultimate episode of Fringe was a little disappointing (he just comes from a long line of guys named Sam Weiss?), there was a lot of awesome stuff in “The Last Sam Weiss,” including an amazing cliffhanger moment that has jettisoned the plot forward [...]

Make It Stop- The Event Recap

5 Apr

At this point, I’ve pretty much become the laughing stock of my film school friends and girlfriend for continuing to watch The Event. I know it’s bad, I know I’m wasting time watching it but for whatever reason I just can’t stop. It’s kind of like the second season of Heroes, which was like watching [...]

The Quest For a Collaborator

21 Jun

In hindsight I kinda fucked up film school. There’s various factors that went into what went wrong, but at the end of the day it was my fault. Part of the problem was I was jaded. By the time I went to Tisch for my 2005-2006 freshman year I had already taken three separate programs [...]