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To Troll or Not to Troll?

28 Mar

A few days ago I wrote of Evangelical Ben, a former coworker who I have been arguing with on Facebook for some time. At the behest of my fiancee, and using my own good judgement, I decided to block him- not to avoid any harassment from his end, but rather to stop myself from reading [...]

Mass Effect Proves I Have An Obsessive Personality Disorder

6 Mar

A while back I wrote what is, to date, alexhilhorst.com’s most popular article, entitled “Mass Effect 2 May Be The Greatest Game Ever Made” and I stand by that hyperbolic statement. If you were to ask me to rate my Top 10 Games right here, right now, ME2 would be right up there with Resident [...]

Writing Page Updated

5 Feb

Since everything on here is technically “Copyright Alex Hilhorst 2012,” I decided to upload full versions for all of my scripts. Why the hell not? Besides, most of them are already registered with the WGA. Maybe this will help me finally get a screenwriting gig. Who knows. Full versions of the following scripts have been [...]

The Fall of New York, Episode 1

15 Jun

Last year I read Richard Matheson’s amazing novella I Am Legend and was inspired to tell a similar tale of my own. I also came up with this wacky idea of doing a serialized story on my website, making up a significant portion of the plot as I went along and posting it as installments [...]

New Writing Samples Added

2 Jun

Now that I’ve finished my Walking Dead spec and sent it off to the TV networks’ various fellowship programs, I had some time to scrounge through my hard drive and find some new samples to add to my Writing page. Several are some of my earliest screenwriting works, while one is one of my finest [...]

Bore-rrriiinngggg- The Event Recap

3 May

Though the reveal of who/what Sam Weiss truly was in last week’s penultimate episode of Fringe was a little disappointing (he just comes from a long line of guys named Sam Weiss?), there was a lot of awesome stuff in “The Last Sam Weiss,” including an amazing cliffhanger moment that has jettisoned the plot forward [...]

Make It Stop- The Event Recap

5 Apr

At this point, I’ve pretty much become the laughing stock of my film school friends and girlfriend for continuing to watch The Event. I know it’s bad, I know I’m wasting time watching it but for whatever reason I just can’t stop. It’s kind of like the second season of Heroes, which was like watching [...]

New Writing Sample Added

19 Aug

I just added a 15 page sample from my most recent feature script, a horror film set in the Belize rainforest called The Dead of Night. You can read it here. Click here to go to the Writing section, where you can see more samples of my work. Feel free to leave comments.

Rainy Day

14 Jul

Unlike most people, I kinda like it when it rains. Like that Jesus & Mary Chain song. I find the sound of rain pattering against windows and air conditioners kind of comforting, and since I’m not exactly the outdoorsy type, it’s nice to occasionally have a legit excuse to stay inside all day. But something [...]

Even More Writing Samples Added

24 Jun

That’s right!! I just added four more short stories and one more script sample to the Writing section of the site! Head over there to read ‘em. Later today I plan to upload some essays- yes they’re from college but I promise they aren’t boring. Again, feel free to leave comments and feedback. I can [...]